Movie Review: R… Rajkumar

R... Rajkumar
R… Rajkumar

The film may do good business at the box office. It definitely has all the ingredients of becoming a “hit”. The audience was in splits at several points during the film. I overheard a fellow audience saying – “It was better than Ram-Leela”.

What are these ingredients? First off, it’s a Prabhudeva film. Since, his movie, “Wanted”, he has never looked back. Delivered one hit after another. Then, there’s Shahid Kapoor, who has a considerably good fan base. There’s Sonakshi Sinha, who’s currently the flavour of the Bollywood Tinsel Town. Given her current and past projects, I won’t be surprised, if Bollywood considers her as a “Lucky Charm”. Finally, as far as the cast goes, there’s Sonu Sood, a very talented underrated actor, who made the villain’s character admirable in “Wanted”.

Besides the cast, the movie was aimed at being an all-out entertainer. There were strategic gags at regular intervals. The action sequences were as usual “a-class”. There were some addictive song numbers. And last but not the least, some of the dialogs, as intended, were memorable.

Clearly, a good percentage of the audience in the theater seemed to have enjoyed the films. But then there was me along with an industry professional and an upcoming filmmaker. Somehow, we couldn’t connect with the film.

Prabhudeva seems to be following the footsteps of Rohit Shetty. He  takes a “template-driven” approach towards filmmaking. There’s practically no storyline. The entire focus and aim of the film is to have some awe-inspiring fight sequences, some hummable songs and loaded with gags so to have the audience in splits. There’s literally no intention of displaying a creative streak or demonstrating the art of filmmaking.

Given that these kinds of films have their own place in the hearts of the audience. Yet, somewhere it raises a question. Has the filmmaking profession completely turned into a business of minting money?

The film, in spite of its simple and already done storyline, could have been way better than what was served to the audience. As far as gags are concerned, they were cheesy, forced and predictable. I believe, it was David Dhavan, who introduced this concept into Bollywood. His films used the idea of strategically using gags at specific intervals, preferably one good gag every 7-10 mins. Clearly, if the audience is laughing throughout the film, it would step out and assume that it liked the film. You take their focus off the flaws of the film as long as you keep them entertained. It seems to work quite well. After David Dhavan, Rohit Shetty perfected this style and now Prabhudeva is using it too.

But, if you look beyond the gags, you see a weak storyline, shallow characterization, forced acting and technique-oriented non-creative direction.

That’s what this film is all about; being an Entertainer. In that regards, it’s a fairly decent one-time watch movie.

But somewhere, I couldn’t help feel the uneasiness that comes from watching a bad film. I feel sorry for Shahid Kapoor. Here’s a guy, who has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Since his first movie, he has come a long way. He’s a physical actor, whose entire body aligns with the character. I couldn’t help draw comparison between Shahid Kapoor and Jim Carrey.

He was a treat to watch and seemed like he could do this role in his sleep. That’s his talent. Shahid puts in lot of hardships and sincerity to his acting. Unfortunately, he has not found a filmmaker, who could exploit his true potential. Rather, I would believe, he’s just been used to draw in a specific kind of audience. In spite of not so great films, Shahid Kapoor has a fairly decent fan following. Me being one of them, I would say he deserves much more than such crappy movies.

Besides, Shahid, it was Sonu Sood who I loved watching the most. I have come to respect him as an actor.  Every time, I see him on the screen, I can’t help wonder why good actors are so underrated. Then again, like Shahid, he too has never got films where he could really demonstrate his talent.

In my opinion, besides these two talented underrated actors, there’s nothing to watch in this film.

4 thoughts on “Movie Review: R… Rajkumar

  1. I completely agree with your review. It was totally “template driven” as you say (I like that description). Shahid Kapoor deserves better movies- he has the acting talent! Why is no one giving him a meaty role?!

    1. I believe, partly it’s the actor’s fear to experiment, that stops them from demanding better roles. End of the day, Industry is driven by the box office stats and even established actors have succumbed to it. Otherwise, in a star-dominated industry, talented and established not getting good author-backed roles is impossible.

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