Note on – Short Film – “Stripped”

Often and whenever I get time, I prefer engaging in a debate with my friends. Generally, it’s philosophical in nature, but occasionally, our discussion wander into other areas.

In one such conversation, with a female friend of mine, we ended up discussing perversion and men’s inclination to indulge in it. The argument went on the grounds of “Gender Discrimination”. Where I did feel like giving my side a fair chance. But then, my friend broached the subject of Men’s perversion. She put forward her argument based on her personal experiences and in the process shared how a woman feels.

That thought stayed with me long after our conversation. That was when the thought occurred, what if the women were not vocal about it, but the men could see with their own eyes the repercussions of their actions.

Words, especially in the matters of righteousness, don’t usually have the same impact as the audio visual medium. History is full of examples, where filmmakers have managed to shape the mindset of the Society through their work. This was my humble effort in that direction.

A man is bound to be attracted towards a woman. And as long as that attraction is expressed gracefully, there’s no harm in it. But the moment a woman expresses a discomfort, the man is obligated to refrain from further indulging in his whims and fancies.

We are today, living in a society where the line between the right and wrong is conveniently ignored. Yet, the sense of humanity is not completely extinct in us. If at all, it’s lying dormant within us. We may have suppressed it in our bid to survive. But it’s a free world, and just like us, every other species and being deserves to survive. As long as, one doesn’t violate another being’s space of comfort, there’s no sin, no crime committed.

Towards that end, “Stripped” was conceived as a public awareness short film. It was originally, meant to be a silent film as the focus was to put the thoughts of the woman outside for the man to see and contemplate. But, to make sure, the message was not lost, some dialogs were added.

I may fail as a filmmaker to drive across the point, but the point is still valid. Contrary to popular belief system, Ogling is still a common occurrence and there are women, who still get disturbed by it. I can say this because, I have been a witness to it.


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