Book Review – The Shoelace

In spite of persistent pressure from friends and family to promote the book, I somehow managed to refrain from it.

Today, Social Media has become a domain of new aspiring authors to promote their passion.

However, for me, I still preferred the old school author persona – I will write. If it’s worth, it will sell!

Perhaps, that’s why, there had been no reviews or rather purchases of my book. However, the beginning of a new year has brought the first good news.

Today, the very first review was submitted on Amazon. Do read!
Book Review on
Dark Family Drama 3 January 2016
By Gonzo – Published on

The Shoelace is a dramatic story, exploring themes of family values, inter-generational conflict and wasted potential. The protagonist is born into a charmed life, and through a combination of misfortune and poor choices, he suffers great loss. The reader descends with him into a deep depression, but there is ultimately a glimmer of hope for his redemption. Author Srivinay Salian delves into human psychology, and writes with empathy for even the most flawed people.

I am elated and inspired! šŸ™‚
The Shoelace - Short Story by Srivinay Salian

2 thoughts on “Book Review – The Shoelace

  1. This book is really good to hold on readers interest to know more about amogh and his wishes which got him on the lonely path…
    What happen to amogh after the his first adolescent wish got fulfilled…Is that really his wish or just coincidence.. Life is unpredictable.. Waiting for next chapter of the story hope to get it soon….

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