Sept, 18th, 2016


Now, since that I have wrapped my current film project, it’s time to move on to a new subject. It has been an amazing couple of months lately. August, I bagged a project – an independent feature film. Somehow, I have always associated challenges with filmmaking. And Independent filmmaking exposes one to all the possible conflicts and hurdles one can imagine. Perhaps, that’s why, it so fascinates me.

So, I wrote a murder mystery thriller, a hindi feature film, to be produced on a shoestring budget. Thankfully, today, I can say, the production is wrapped. Now, if the post-production and promotion falls into place, I can hope to see this film in theaters.

But for that, there’s time. Next month, there’s another film going on floor. A unique and possibly never before attempted style for an Horror Feature Film.

Hopefully, that too, will wrap within a 20-30 days schedule. Post that, comes this new project that has suck into my consciousness already. A experimental feature film aimed at global audience. Though the language is in hindi, the makers are aiming to storm the festivals with this project.

9 Roads 2 Peace is a roadtrip movie with a tinge of soul searching experience. And Today, I am commencing the project, starting with building characters and then proceeding to developing the first draft screenplay.

#WishMeLuck! 🙂


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