Shooting Music Video Guerrilla Style – Tajdar-E-Haram Song


A hot Sunday afternoon during the Summers. With no plans and no resources. Just a simple thought to make a video to encourage young kids. And that’s how it all began.

Dr. Mahesh Kumar, founder of Medifit Films and MixRemix Studio had shared a song that he had recently remastered. The song was inspiring. And I offered to make a video. He agreed and I pitched the idea to family and friends. My niece, Jagruti Dhamal, and my friend’s son, Dev Kyawal, were available for the shoot. Now we had to weave a story around these two characters. Also, it had to sync with the lyrics of the song.

At SharpNib, we do this a lot. So that part wasn’t challenging. What was challenging though was to pull of the video without resources. No Camera, No Lights and No Crew. Execution is always tougher than Ideation.

Yet, with friends and family willing to help we set forth.

So, here’s presenting a remix version of our favourite song Tajdar-e-Haram, originally sung by Atif Aslam. The song credit belongs to Sabri Brothers.

Shot in a Guerrilla style, this nice little video is an ode to all who dream beyond Ordinary and dedicate their lives in pursuit of their passions.

Philips Mathew and Dhiraj Kyawal – The two gentlemen with Cameras came onboard. They could have easily chosen to spend the Sunday relaxing at home. Instead they decided to come out and slog under the afternoon sun. And without them, the shoot would have surely gone haywire.

Guerilla Filmmaking is all about #MissionImpossible.

Yet what I like about it is the unpredictability. There’s no way to plan in advance and everything has to be #adhoc and impromptu. And at times you get some pleasant surprises that rekindle your hope in pursuit of passion. Like today, a 11 year old Siddhanth Salian did his first production job. He had no clue what he was getting into, but he didnt fret and did his job extraordinarily. Then the lead cast Jagruti Dhamal and Dev Kyawal, both teenagers toiled in the sun but didn’t make any hue and cry about it. Finally, there’s Philips Mathew who has always been there when needed most. And a very young cameraman who came in such short notice. I strongly believe that no film can ever be completed without a dedicated film crew.


The theme of the video is “Pursuit”.

The story revolves around a runner and dancer who are honing their skill and talent. While many of their age, would prefer spending a relaxed or rather fun time at home, these dreamers choose to slog it out under the unforgiving after sun. They are exhausted, tired and drained out. They are pushing the envelope and are not willing to settle for less. It’s their unsung plea to the God, that gets answered in a way of a Guardian Angel watching over them. He intervenes to bring to talented individuals together. The video is our humble attempt to highlight the central theme that – As individuals, we may or not fulfill our ambitions but as a collective, we will surely achieve higher goals.

We also added a poem to put across our thought –


Life won’t be ever fair
No smooth racetrack
No polished dance floor
Yet, You must run
Yet, You must dance
Through the rough path
Without the sound

For when you push yourself
beyond all the limits
When you go that extra mile
and give everything you’ve got
Heaven will smile upon you
and that’s all you need
to turn your life around

Here are few details on the technical side –

Vocals are boosted at peak level – On any stereos vocals will be heard on priority. For this kind of track, vocals are the life of track.

Distortion Level:
Distortion level is zero, but at a very, very high-level sound, little disturbance in the track will be heard, which is normal for this kind of music. We cannot go below zero levels. The track will become light.

Overall Output:
Kept it at a higher level than normal, because all listeners are not having high-end speakers and most of them will hear on mobiles. For mobiles, high-output volume is a must.

The limiter is added in last, as any harsh sound when heard will be in the limit, irrespective of stereo quality. Some people may hear it at a very high volume.

MixRemix Music || Beats studio || Mastering || Mixing || Arrangement || Electronic Music Production ||
Original Song: Batti Gul Meter Chalu – Dekhte Dekhte Song
Arrangement & Remastering by: Dr. Mahesh Kumar
Assisted by: Arun Gupta
Label: MixRemix Music Studio (a venture of Medifit Films)


Hope you guys like it. This is a non-monetized channel with aims to encourage young talent. Do support.


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