Director’s Note – Short Film: Bina Chehre ka Doctor

Just wrapped a short film titled – “Bina Chehra Ka Doctor”. Written by Deepak Ramteke and produced by Sakshi Gupta, in association with JoinFilms and shot entirely in Bhopal. Without revealing much, It’s a story of man suffering from guilt of his past sin. A sin he had committed 3 years ago and since then been … More Director’s Note – Short Film: Bina Chehre ka Doctor

Note on – Short Film – “Stripped”

Often and whenever I get time, I prefer engaging in a debate with my friends. Generally, it’s philosophical in nature, but occasionally, our discussion wander into other areas. In one such conversation, with a female friend of mine, we ended up discussing perversion and men’s inclination to indulge in it. The argument went on the … More Note on – Short Film – “Stripped”

Micro-budget Crime Drama, Red Gold to premier at Garden State Film Festival

Michael Keller is an American Filmmaker, who traveled alone to India, to make a crime drama set in the slums of India. Michael was moved by the stories he read on the human organ trading.  Inspired by his further research on the global, underground organ trade, Keller set out to write a fictional film to expose … More Micro-budget Crime Drama, Red Gold to premier at Garden State Film Festival

The Business of Cinema

The school of thought I often encounter during my conversations with Industry colleagues, is that – Indian audience isn’t ready for Content-based Cinema? There are many facets to this belief, yet I tend to believe that this is one of those cases, where it’s no body’s fault and yet both parties involved in the deal suffer … More The Business of Cinema

Character Casting

I have been addicted to “people watching” ever since I could remember. It had grown from a hobby to a passion. Wherever I was, I indulge in this activity irrespective of whatever I am engaged in. I liked watching people and wondering who they and what they could be thinking at that given moment. All … More Character Casting

The Wishlist

I prefer a HD drive camcorder, but most HD models do not come with microphone. Especially the ones I can dream of owning. The price is another deciding factor… Since I can’t compromise on the microphone I will have to opt for MiniDV camcorders. In which case, the following camcorders would be a good choice … More The Wishlist