Director’s Note – Short Film: Bina Chehre ka Doctor

Just wrapped a short film titled – “Bina Chehra Ka Doctor”. Written by Deepak Ramteke and produced by Sakshi Gupta, in association with JoinFilms and shot entirely in Bhopal. Without revealing much, It’s a story of man suffering from guilt of his past sin. A sin he had committed 3 years ago and since then been … More Director’s Note – Short Film: Bina Chehre ka Doctor

Jai Ho, Salman!

  A story like Jai Ho, requires a lot of commitment. It’s a concept that has the power to change the mass mentality and influence the way the society thinks and functions. History is proof that movies have influenced the society time and again. A psychological study, I once read gave a detailed description of … More Jai Ho, Salman!

Rock On!

Passion! That’s what Rock On is all about! On the story front there are no surprises. It’s predictable throughout. But inspite of that the film manages to strike the emotional chord of the audience. Don’t go with an expectation of watching a crazy wild rock-based movie. It’s more of a drama that revolves around four … More Rock On!


Good enough though not scary Watched this last Saturday. Of the many things I remember about it, the most distinct memory is of the uncontrollable giggles and laugh from the audiences. If not anything the movie was entertaining. Though I still asking myself, what did they found that funny? It’s not an out-n-out horror film; … More Phoonk


Raamu does it Best! I simply loved the film. The story was gripping and Ramu’s direction was like always a treat. What I like most about Ramu’s films are the Characters. They are absolutely unforgettable. Take for instance RD. Every time he came on screen, everybody else became immaterial and that goes for the hero, … More Contract